New Sun Oversea 仁維國際



Product description

(1)  Special treatment for wastewater

(2)  Increase the number of good microorganisms

(3)  Provide space for microbial reproduction

(4)  Absorb pollution and decompose it

New Sun Biopile photo

Product features

(1) Combining concentrated microorganisms and special slow-release nutrients, the purification effect will start when placed in wastewaters.

(2) Bio-material carrier provides space for microbial reproduction. 

(3) The appearance is correspond for water line, superior absorb pollution ability.

(4) The depth of suspended New Sun Biopile in water can be adjusted freely, suitable for various environments.


Pond channels, septic tanks, system of sewage treatment, aquaculture pond, etc.

Guideline, usage and reminders

(1) Put New Sun Biopile in water, it should be used with New Sun Bioactive Water or floating board for a better performance.

(2) Avoid physical impact.

(3) It should be replaced every 3 to 6 months.


Diameter: 21cm

Length: 55cm

Weigh: 2.5~4kg

New Sun Biopile photo

New Sun Biopile photo

New Sun Biopile photo