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          ▊  Nonstop innovation, focus on market demands

  • Possess multiple patents and certificate

  • Strong R&D and integration capabilities

  • Passed non-toxic test, safe to use


  1. Passed SGS non-toxic test
  2. Eight heavy metals are not detected or below the irrigation water standard
  3. Passed 374 pesticide undetected tests
  4. New type patent certificateA set of deodorizing device and deodorizing component
  5. New type patent certificate:A sludge reuse treatment device
  6. New type patent certificate:A biotechnology sewage treatment device for domestic sewage
  7. Application accepted:An eco-floating island with bioreactor (invention)
  8. Application accepted:An eco-floating island with bioreactor (utility model)
  9. Application accepted:The bioreactor(utility model)
  10. Application accepted:The bioreactor (invention)
  11. Application acceptedthebiochemical treatment system of husbandry industry wastewater and the preparationmethod and application of its treatment by-products (invention)
  12. Application accepted:A deodorant and its application (invention)
  13. Patent application has been filed:A soil improvement method (invention, in publication)
  14. Patent application has been filed:An extraction method of soil biotin (invention, publication)
  15. Patent application has been filed:A biodegradation method for continuous cultivation of farmland
  16. Patent application has been filed:A high concentration biogas slurry biological treatment device


SGS無毒測試 除臭劑及其應用專利 污泥再利用專利




生物反應器新型專利 養殖廢水專利
土壤生物素提取專利 土壤改良方法專利






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