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Biohumus Plus

Product description

Biohumus Plus

(1) A new mix high nutrition particle with beneficial bacteria

(2) A legal compost product, No.0509027, AFA

(3) Easy-to-use cash crop cultivation and soil improvement material

(4) Aquaculture pond sludge control and algae breeding

Biohumus plus photo

Product features

(1) Easy-to-use soil improvement material. Particle type, hard to be washed, and throw easily for all crops, all the growing phase. Use Biohumus Plus with Agriwater No.2, prevent root-knot & soil disease.

(2) No binder, no chemical additive. Biohumus Plus dissolves when rain comes or water the crop. Release beneficial bacteria and leave no burden for soil.

(3) Contains 90% humus & beneficial bacteria, effective material to improve soil structure and ecology, good for algae breeding in aqua pond.

(4) Best for cash crop soil improvement like ginger, cabbage, tea trees, etc.

Guideline, usage, and reminders

(1) For vegetable (growing phase short than 2 month) soil improvement: Before farming, spread 100~200kg of Biohumus Plus for 1,000 m2 field, than cultivate the field and plant the seed or young vegetable.

(2) For ginger, tea trees, or other long growing phase crop soil improvement: Cultivate the field and make ditches near root circle (rhizosphere). Spread 200~400kg of Biohumus Plus for 1,000 m2 field, into ditches and cover it.

(3) For different soil condition, spread 500~1,500kg of Biohumus Plus every 1,000 m2 field is acceptable.

(4) For aqua pond sludge control: Spread 200~400kg of Biohumus Plus every 1,000 m2 pond, then compact Biohumus Plus into pond bottom. Use Biohumus with Bioactive Water & Bioreactor at the same time. For algae breeding: Spread 20kg of Biohumus Plus every 1,000 m2 pond.

(5) Keep in cool, dry place. Do not expose to direct sunlight.