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New Sun Bioactive Water

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New Sun Bioactive Water


    ▊  Product description

New Sun Bioactive Water photo

New Sun Bioactive Water

  • Good friends for ecological restoration, environmental protection and deodorization
  • Quickly eliminate the odor of organic waste
  • Applicable to animal husbandry industry, waste treatment industry, catering industry, greening project
  • Sludge, fat, oil, and grease killer


    ▊  Product features

(1)  No chemical essences or additives, cooperate with various organic resources, improve the wasteland to complete the greening within 2 months.

(2)  Contains a large amount of active deodorizing enzymes, sprayed on the surface of the odor source, feels less odor within 3 minutes.

(3)  Large packaging for business, one-time use to penetrate the root of odor, especially suitable for septic tanks, traps, and concealed pipes.

(4)  Applicable to catering industry and food manufacturing industry, 100% safe, does not affect evaluation.

(5)  Deodorize first, then reduce sludge, and promote wastewater reach the standard.


New Sun Bioactive Water use photo

New Sun Bioactive Water use photo

New Sun Bioactive Water use photo


    ▊  Applications

Drainage channel, grease trap, fluid table, septic tank, toilet manure pipe, sewage treatment system, aerobic tank, domestic sewage pipe, water trap, kitchen waste barrel, garbage truck, and wasteland restoration.


    ▊  Guideline, usage and reminders

(1)  Drainage channel: After proper dredging, pour New Sun Bioactive Water twice a week, 1000cc each time.

(2)  Grease trap: pour New Sun Bioactive Water in 4 times a week, 500cc each time, need to be cleaned regularly.

(3)  Fluid table: pour New Sun Bioactive Water in once every day after cleaning, 200cc each time.

(4)  Septic tank: pour New Sun Bioactive Water 20 liters every six months.

(5)  Toilet manure tube: pour New Sun Bioactive Water in 500cc each time.

(6)  Sewage treatment system, aerobic tank: pour New Sun Bioactive Water in 3 times a week, each time 0.5~1% of the total capacity of the system.

(7)  Domestic sewage pipes, water traps: pour New Sun Bioactive Water 500cc each time.

(8)  Food waste barrels and garbage trucks: spray appropriately for the odor source, and completely cover the surface with New Sun Bioactive Water. If new food waste is added, re-spraying is required.

(9)  Wasteland restoration: use New Sun Bioactive Water with grass seeds, organic fertilizers (resources), and other material helps the restoration.


Recommendusage is for reference only,

the actual usage depends on the on-site flow rateand

adjust the maintenance situation,

please contact us if you have anyquestions.


    ▊  Specification

(1)  4 liters dilution-free ready-to-use, 20 liters dilution-free ready-to-use.



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