New Sun Oversea 仁維國際


Agriwater N0.2

Product description

New Sun Agriwater N0.2

(1)  Reinforcement for field good microorganisms

(2)  A registration-free plant protection product, No.00256, PAPHIQ

(3)  Supply nutrient for field ecology system

(4)  Improve soil structure and root environment

New Sun Agriwater N0.2 photo

Product features

(1) As studies confirmed, chitosan is able to provide beneficial bacteria breed such as actinomycetes, therefore New Sun Agriwater No.2 improves soil structure and plant root environment.

(2) New Sun Agriwater No.2 is eco-friendly and toxic-free, helps soil revive, restore the land, and resume the bacteria system.

(3) The applicable temperature is between 0°to 70°C, cold-resistant to -10°C, New Sun Agriwater No.2 can be used as irrigation water during the whole growth period.

(4) NewSun Agriwater No.2 can be used during the whole growth period, matching with your SOP.

New Sun Agriwater N0.2 photo

New Sun Agriwater N0.2 photo

New Sun Agriwater N0.2 photo

Guideline, usage and reminders

Store in a cool and ventilated place. Do not expose to direct sunlight.

Consume within 3 years. After opening the seal, please use up as soon as possible.

Use it as soon as possible after modulation.

Do not eat.


4 liter or 20 liter in barrel.