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New Sun Agriwater

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New Sun Agriwater

  ▊  Product description

  New Sun Agriwater

    (1)  An eco-friendly assistant

    (2)  Decompose organic fertilizer

    (3)  Improve soil structure

    (4)  Antagonism to pathogenic viruses

    (5)  Reduce the occurrence of plant diseases

New Sun Agriwater photo


  ▊  Product features

  • New Sun Agriwater was fermented with natural compost, by aerobic, low-oxygen, high-temperature and low-temperature processes, separated after mature. Contains comprehensive beneficial microorganisms, active enzymes, minor elements, etc., quickly activate soil ecology and effectively improve soil properties.
  • Applicable temperature from 0 to 70℃, cold resistance to -10℃, can be used as irrigation water during the whole growth period.
  • Do not interfere with fertilization or pesticide usage, 100% safe to use.
  • Suitable for drone spraying.


  ▊  Performances

  • Ginseng in northeast China, and American ginseng in north China, overcome continuous cropping obstacles
  • Panax notoginseng in Yunnan province, China, overcomes continuous cropping obstacles
  • Ginger in Shandong province, China, overcomes continuous cropping obstacles.
  • Case of leafy vegetables
  • Case of Flowers
  • Case of greenhouse cash crops

New Sun Agriwater

Performance: Ginger

New Sun Agriwater use photo

Performance: Ginseng

New Sun Agriwater use photo


  ▊  Guideline, usage and reminders

  • New Sun Agriwater is toxic-free, non-corrosive, and non-bioaccumulative. It can be used with other agricultural materials when follow the safe regulations of other materials.
  • Please add the appropriate proportion of agricultural active water at the last stage of preparation, and use immediately after mix it up.
  • Store in a cool and ventilated place. Do not expose to direct sunlight.
  • Please use it as soon as possible after modulation.
  • Do not eat.


  ▊  Specification

  • 4 liter or 20 liter in barrel.


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