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Cash crop cultivation

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Cash crop cultivation

  ▊  Business fields


    Respond to problems of unhealthy soil

 ▲  Fertilizer damage

 ▲  Pesticide damage

 ▲  Soil nutrition imbalance

 ▲  Soil ecosystem collapse


    We provide integrated services such as

 ▲  Restore soil ecology

 ▲  Restore soil fertility

 ▲  Reduce continuous cropping obstacles

 ▲  Improve agricultural facilities and soil


  ▊  Major activities


    In response to customer needs, we arecommitted to the following businesses.


    ▲  Metabolize or degrade toxic substancesaccumulated in the soil

    ▲  Suppress harmful microorganisms

    ▲  Repair chemical damage(abuse of fertilizeror pesticide) in the soil

    ▲  Soil salinization improvement

    ▲  Higher productivity

    ▲  Collaboration with partner to excavate newinvestment opportunity.


Cash crop cultivation use photo

Cash crop cultivation use photo

Cash crop cultivation use photo


  ▊  Key products


    (1)  New Sun Agriwater series

    (2)  Soilimprovement materials

    (3)  Customized integrated application technologies


  ▊  Performances (excerpts)


    (1)  Application of facility agriculture

    (2)  Application at seedling stage

    (3)  Restoration of soil fertility


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